Valuable resources of Oil, Gas and increasing need for Electricity have provided a unique ground for economical and social development. In this direction, engineering companies play a major role. ANDISH SANAT is a Consultation Group who provides all needed services in constructing Power Plant, Oil and Gas sites and also plans for repairing equipment, certificate achievement and etc. There are also teach and training plans in our services for engineering departments of industries that want to reach more technical and economic efficiency.
The point of difference between us and other competitors is our cooperation with known international producers and engineering companies, so we've gained the potential to support the large scale national, and international projects.
ANDISH SANAT Group’s goal is providing consistent promotion of values for customers, staff and shareholders relying on experienced and competent employees as well as knowledge centered technology by executing industrial projects, concentrating on oil, gas and petrochemical industries. By applying the state of art management models in local and international scales, continuous improvement of organizational processes, promoting technical knowledge, recruiting and training creative and efficient human resource and complying with international standards, we whole heartedly try to reach the highest levels of quality and work toward our stakeholders’ best interests.
Power Plants
Our Power Plants Activities section began it's professional independent activity in 2011 with a Power Plant project in Tehran province.
From then until now we've done many projects in Power Plant industry all over the country and even the middle east (Such as Dohuk Power Plant in Dohuk, Iraq) so we've gained lots of professional exprience in Power Plants industries which is completely based on International Liceses.
Oil & Gas


ANDISH SANAT was established in 2009 and was officially registered in 2011 with cooperation of Iran`s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade


Establish and consulting in the fields of oil and gas industries


Officially registered


Professionally entering in Power Plants industry


Direct investment and work in international markets


Concluding R&D contract with SUT in Tehran