ANDISH SANAT as a consulting company in the fields of Power Plant, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, was originally established in 2009 as one of the private coorporators of Iran`s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.
In thoose years our team was capable of manage and perform big projects in various fields.

From then until now the most skillful and well-trained technical staff to us were organized to utilize the latest tools including CAD techniques for the execution of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Petroleum Refineries, Power Plants and generally, all other related industries projects.
In these projects, ANDISH SANAT performs feasibility studies, project management, engineering, procurement services, purchasing and equipment supply and delivery, site supervision, managing contract, construction, commissioning and start-up.

The team with more than 40 personnel and present working capacity of 96,000 man-hour per year is able to take full responsibility of large scale projects as a GC/MC partner. We are enable to form joint ventures and/or cooperate in consortium type agreements with reputable international companies.
ANDISH SANAT strategy is full using of its own engineering resources, companies and technical expertise to carry out execution and studies of expansion and renovation, or any type of investigation or technical services.

Our Project Team consists of a project manager, project engineers and project coordinators which will be assigned to the project on a full time basis.
It will be established after a project is awarded and shall comprise of qualified personnel to handle the principle functions of engineering, quality assurance, procurement, inspection, construction and the controls of schedules, cost and materials.


And finally in 2011, we established our independent PPA section (Power Plant Activities) to focus on this valuable field.
We started involving in this field by a Power Plant project in Tehran province and it was just the beginning! Now we can proudly claim to be a part of build and overhall many Power Plants that produce more than 80 GW electricity energy for the middle east, and for the world.